Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Back from Hols...

Well, we were back last friday but this is the first proper chance I have had to get on my Blog!

Just a 'quick' run down of what we got up to in Berwick-upon-Tweed!

Well we arrived in heavy rain on Monday evening which didn't return all week!
Our caravan was very smelly (damp) but we put up with it as we weren't there very much. (Although I did request that they cleaned the carpets first thin gon Tuesday morning to see if this helped) - it did a bit...

Anyway, on Tuesday we woke the the sound of horses and this was the view from our bedroom window!!! After breakfast we headed to Holy Island and had a lovely walk round the castle grounds and on the pebble beach before heading off ahead of the tide coming in. We flew Dylans homemade kite and had a picnic over looking the sea. Then in the afternoon had a drive along the coast, South, to see the other castles and beautiful Northumberland coastline. Dylan and I had a little paddle in the sea in our wellies too (can't remember which beach at the mo, but will update later...) This was the first time he had been 'in' the sea and was a little scared at first, but soon found the fun in splashing around. We collected shells and stuff too... Wish I had taken pictures :(
That evening we went to the sites entertainment area (arcades, bars and restaurants) and Dylan couldn't believe his eyes!!! A mecca of flashing lights and sounds! I thought he was going to burst with excitement!!!

Up early on Wednesday to go to the Aquarium at Tynemouth... Dylan loved this! The sharks and otters especially (the otters ponged more than the caravan!) Oh, and the 'Nemos'!)
Then we had a picnic on Tynemouth Beach and Aaron and Dylan paddled in the Sea. While I chilled out with the bags and D's Trike!!! (which I found still has sand in the boot, by the way!)Then drove back up the coast while Dylan slept in the back. We were actually looking for a really nice seaside chippy with a nice place to eat them out of the bag - but no luck, so we headed back to the site and after dinner went to the bar agian where Dylan enjoyed the kids show while we had a well deserved drink!!!

Thursday we drove to Edinburgh and went to the Zoo! I have a new love for penguins!
Dissapointed the gorillas were not there, nor the chimps and th etigers were hiding! But a good day out none the less! Edinburgh is a beautiful city and so close to beautiful coastline. I would happily move there I think!

Friday we drove home with a flying visit to the Metro Centre! Well, it would be rude not to!!! And working in retail myself thought it a professional decision to check it out! hehehe

Thursday, September 21, 2006

New banner...

Just fancied a change!

Old banner...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

'Hopes & Dreams' CJ...

Just a quickie to get my recent CJ pics up. (the millionth attempt to load the pics! 21/09/06)

This is for Cals CJ at UKSTampers...

I couldn't really think of any hopes and dreams to interpret into 3D form at first, such as wanting to go to NYC, being rich/famous or anything like that, as this kind of thing had already been done on the previous 2 entries and I didn't want to repeat it. So, I opted to do a quote instead, with a photo of Dylan. He is more than I could ever hope or dream for! (awww - soppy!)

Click on the image to be able to read the quote from Pope John XXIII - it's just one I found when I googled 'Hope Dream' - but it is so true, I shall always remember it! And I hope everyone who reads it in the circle will also think so.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Two more fabrics...

These arrived this morning, from eBay. I'm going to have to learn how to use my sewing machine in the loft! I really want to make cute toys from vintage fabrics - I don't know when, how or what I'm going to do with them! But this happens a lot in my life! I'm inspired and then there is no stopping me! It doesn't always work or I get bored, but once that bug is there it has to get out of my system by itself!!!

Anyway - if you haven't seen where I picked this particular 'bug' up from, see this...

Also, some pics of me and the boy yesterday. On the Park and in our garden...

(a rare one of the two of us...)

And, a Stamping effort from the little man himself - using potatoes... what could be better than that??? lol

Monday, September 04, 2006

The cats are gonna go crazy...

We bought a fish tank and all that goes with it at the weekend!
(No fish yet - we have to get the water right first!)

Ok, so on a whim, we went to a garden and aquatics centre the other side of Nottingham to go see some fish and ended up buying an all in one tank (a small one - we didn't go crazy!) It has a built in filter and pump. Also:
- some gravel for the bottom
- a big stone to make the water alkaline
- some stuff to make tap water safe for the fish
- a thermometer
- and something else (I can't remember!) it's still in the bag!

We were advised to get 2 fish in two weeks (but we will wait 3, till we get back from hols). Then, 2 more 2 weeks after - so will update you blogger people as the additions arrive!

I wanted a black and white one which had an orange face but wouldn't be suitable for the water we're having!? I never realised it could get so complicated! lol I'm going to have to do a bit of research! We have only ever had a goldfish in a big glass bowl before (RIP Bob!)

Anyway - back to the cats! Good job this tank has a secure lid!!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

'Colour' CJ...

Well... this is my PINK entry for Linda's 'Colour' CJ for UKSTampers. I found it really hard to choose a colour as I love most of them! I have a lot of Pink embellishments so this won the toss... If Linda had not have done green it would have been that, all different contemporary shades that most of my clothes seem to be at the moment!

Anyways, hope you like it Linda! Not much stamping on there but did use Jo Sonja's Gesso for the first time - just to get a highlight effect on the paper behind the cup, (could have just used normal acrylic). I like the result but need to learn new stuff to use it for!

Wedding Butterflies...

In the post today arrived two lots of feather butterflies. The large ones are from eBay and the small ones from e-crafts. (12 of each) I have been asked by our friends Paul and Michelle to do their wedding stationary. As there is a butterfly theme with ivory and gold as the colours I found these on the net. The large ones are beautiful but will be too big for things like place names so hopefully Michelle will like the smaller ones (which are cheaper!) so I can make a start on mocking up some designs for her to choose from. (think I might paint out the 'body' on the small ones to make them look a little more subtle...)

Also 'Hopes and Dreams' arrived from Linda this morning. Cal, I LOVE your sign in page - can't wait to make a start! I didn't know what to do for this theme at first (this worried me - I have no hopes or dreams!!!?) This is something I will have to ammend! I mean - I do have hopes and dreams, just not realistic goals to aim for - like opening my own shop. I have kind of looked into this before but as with everything normal every day life pushes it back to where it is forgotten about... Does this make sense to anyone?

Wonder how my CJ is looking???

Have taken pics of Linda's 'Colours' - just need to uplaod them and post on blog when I have a bit more time. And will take to the PO this afternoon. I really enjoyed doing this theme - It took ages to decide which colour to do as I have so many faves... to find out what it is, check back later!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

The great outdoors...

This evening Dylan and I were in the garden playing on the climbing frame when I spotted a little frog (or baby toad - I'm no expert!) And I quickly managed to get this photo of him trying to pick it up!!! As soon as he got it he let go in disgust! So funny!!! Don't want to go back to work tomorrow - had a lovely 3day weekend... :O(

(click on the picture to enlarge... there is a frog there - I promise!!!) lol